Representing Some of Today's Leading Masters of Portrait Painting

Figure Dimensions Fee (oil on linen)
Head and shoulders
24” x 16” $15,000.
Torso with hands
30” x 24” $22,000.
  36” x 28” $30,000.
Full torso
40” x 32” $40,000.
3/4 figure 50” x 36” $55,000.
Life size full figure
72” x 42” and up starting at $70,000.
Multiple persons minimum size 46” x 30” starting at $60,000.

Gold or silver leaf incurs an additional charge, as might a stringent or difficult deadline. Travel and per diem expenses are additional, as are all charges for framing and delivery. bullet bullet bullet bullet

For further details about the portrait you have in mind,
please use our Request Information page or contact us at 727.510.4394.